Residents pulled from overnight apartment fire just in time

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CUMBERLAND, Ind. (WTHR) – A family is pulled from their home moments before it goes up in flames.

Now they're sharing how first responders rescued them and risked their own lives.

Several police officers suffered smoke inhalation and a woman is in the hospital with critical injuries after an overnight fire.

You don't even have to knock on the door if you want to talk to Unique Oliver and her aunt.

"They had to use an axe to get us out of here. That is why the door is all kicked in," Lisa Norris pointed out.

"They were like it's a fire it's a fire it's a fire. Grab your things and go," so that is what Unique Oliver and her aunt Lisa did.

They picked up Lisa's two infant daughters ages one and two and ran outside into the darkness where CPR was being performed on another resident who was last reported in critical condition.

"When they pulled the lady out of the apartment I didn't know if she was dead or alive or what had happened. It was very scary last night," Lisa remembered.

"People crazy. People running out the window. People crying. It was just an emotional situation," Kellar Socks pointed out. He lives in an apartment on the opposite side of the apartment that was on fire.

"I'm kind of big guy man but I an still pretty fast," Socks said. "I jumped down the stairs. Jumped down the first flight and the second flight. I was literally out of there in three minutes tops."

Three officers were injured in this fire. One from Cumberland and two from Indianapolis Metro Police. Fortunately all three were treated and released.

As for Oliver, she knows she needs a new door but she's okay with that.

"I'm glad they did bum rush the door open," Oliver said. "We could have been asleep and not know this was going on. I am glad they did what they did."

Cumberland Police Department and IMPD are holding a joint press conference at 9 a.m. Wednesday to provide an update.

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