Rescued pit bull saves woman from home invasion

Kelsey Leachman credits her pit bull Layla with protecting her during a home invasion. (Photo: WAVE)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville woman said her rescue dog saved her from an intruder during a recent break-in.

Kelsey Leachman rescued "Layla" two years ago when the pit bull was malnourished and covered in fleas and ticks. Late Monday, she said she was watching TV when her dog started making a fuss.

She told WAVE-TV in Louisville Layla started barking and ran to the kitchen, growling in a way that led Leachman to think something wasn't right.

She was right.

A man she didn't know was standing in her kitchen. When she ran for the door, the man pushed her down.

“The whole time Layla was barking and biting his legs and going crazy and I was kicking and screaming,” Leachman said.

With her faithful companion's help, Leachman got away from the intruder, who ran outside to get away from Layla as Leachman called police.

Police K-9s tracked the man's scent for awhile, but lost it near a high school parking lot. Leachman said she'll feel safer when the man is caught, but is thankful for Layla.

"I don’t think I could have overpowered him by myself," Leachman said. "She did everything she was supposed to do. She knew he wasn’t supposed to be in my house and I just love her. I’m so thankful for her."