Rescue duck receives custom wheelchair

Rescue duck gets custom Walkin’ Wheels! (Photo provided by Walkin' Pets)

AMHERST, N.H. (WTHR) – One lucky duck just received a custom wheelchair.

Merlin the duck was left mobility challenged after developing a leg deformity. He was then taken in by Goats of Anarchy, which helps pets with special needs find their forever homes or hospice care.

'Walkin' Pets', an online retailer and educational resource for handicapped pets, was inspired by Merlin's story and wanted to help out.

The organization for handicapped pets was able to design the first-ever custom wheelchair to help Merlin get around!

The Walkin’ Pets team made the trip from New Hampshire to New Jersey to deliver his new wheelchair - and witness his first steps with it.

"Merlin’s wheelchair is the first duck cart ever built by Walkin’ Pets," wrote Walkin' Pets in their online blog. "We will continue to work closely with the volunteers at Goats of Anarchy until we develop the perfect wheelchair for Merlin and for future ducks alike."

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