Reports of human vomit, feces in downtown parking garage leaves drivers disgusted


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Disgusting and unsanitary conditions have been found in a downtown parking garage used by thousands every week.

“Most days you find something new," said a woman who works downtown.

She said she never knows what she's going to find in the garage she uses at 101 N. New Jersey St. downtown.

"It depends on the day but a lot of garbage and sometimes vomit and human feces," she said.

"I looked and there was a whole bunch of puke," said Annette Argesta Emmert, who told us she uses the same garage every day. "It sat there for a week. They have been reported before, but like I said we do it and they just don't take care of it right away."

That's not even the half of it.

"There was a feminine pad sitting there that was used and that was sitting there for probably about a week as well," Emmert said of an incident about two months ago.

Then last Monday, said Emmert, it was feces. "When I left today, it was still there.”

"I saw that. Yeah, that's true," another woman added.

Eyewitness News took our own walk through the garage and found the same problem, only in a different spot.

"On the ground, there's a health risk," Emmert said.

Denison Parking owns the garage. President Jeffrey Line told us this shouldn't be happening, saying the garage manager is supposed to check stairwells twice a day.

"Well if they're doing it, they're not doing a very good job of it," said Emmert.

Line called the location challenging because of proximity to Wheeler Mission, a facility which helps house the city's homeless. At least twice in recent months, police have responded to that area of downtown after several people had overdosed.

"We pay to keep safe here and go to work," said Emmert, adding she didn't think customers were getting that for which they paid.

The garage isn't without its share of other problems. According to police, so far this year they've had seven calls there, most of them for thefts from vehicles. There was also a reported sexual assault in the same garage last May.

Emmert said she would like to see the owners invest in surveillance cameras.

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