Renter edits lease, requiring landlord to provide cake for two renters' birthdays

Photo courtesy: Glorious Gherkins, Reddit

A good rule of thumb is to always read a lease before signing it.

One landlord learned that in a hilarious way.

A person who goes by the screen name "Glorious Gherkins" posted a picture of their lease on Reddit.

The landlord sent the lease as a Word document, not a PDF, so Glorious Gherkins decided to make some changes to it.

Item 16 now requires the landlord to provide the two renters with birthday cake in the weekend closest to their birthdays, which are June 7 and Feb 17. 

And they're sticklers. Vanilla cake is not allowed.

Some people argue the move is illegal, but the tenant says the landlord also signed the lease, so he's holding him to it.