'Rent the Chicken' could be an egg-cellent option for you

Closeup of a hen in a farmyard. (Shutterstock / l i g h t p o e t)
Rent the Chicken
Local service brings hens to Hoosiers
Test drive a chicken with Rent the Chicken

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Do you want farm fresh eggs for breakfast, but you're petrified at the idea of chickens running wild in your backyard? Well, there's a company servicing central Indiana that lets you put your chicken farming skills to the test.

"Rent the Chicken" is a unique company that gives Hoosiers the opportunity to have chickens in their backyards before making a full commitment.

You can rent chickens for six months while the parent company provides everything needed: mature egg-laying hens, a mobile chicken coop, food and water dishes, feed, an oyster shell and bedding. All of this is delivered to your home and completely set up.

You're also taught you how to care for your birds with full support available for via phone, email and the internet.

The "Rent the Chicken" standard package, which includes two hens (giving you about a dozen eggs per week), starts at $450. Their "Deluxe Package" with four hens — giving you about two dozen eggs per week — starts at $650. Those are flat fees that cover the entire six-month rental period.

There are also several upgrade options like organic feed and fancy feathered chickens, but a crowd favorite is the Rainbow Egg Option. Most of their rentals come with hens that lay brown eggs, but for an extra $25 each, you can rent birds that lay eggs in different colors like green, chocolate brown or even blue.

"Rent the Chicken" even offers a package for Colts fans. It's a blue coop with blue and white chickens that lay blue and white eggs!

At the end of the six months, if you have fallen in love with your backyard chicken rentals, you can adopt your birds and all the provided equipment for $500. If you’d rather have a different coop, "Rent the Chicken" has partnerships with the Urban Coop Company to help you get a reasonable price on one of their coops. If you'd rather build your own coop, "Rent the Chicken" will come pick up their equipment, and you can adopt your hens for just $25 each. If you chicken out, just make a call and they promise to come out to haul away their birds and all chicken-related goods — no harm, no fowl.