Remembering Specialist Ashley Shelton, the soldier who gave birth in combat

Spc. Ashley Shelton and her baby boy. (Courtesy: Ashley Shelton)

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WTHR) — Specialist Ashley Shelton is being laid to rest today in Frankfort, Indiana.

She was found unresponsive on Saturday, March 30 outside a Frankfort motel where she was to meet her mother and son to go swimming. Shelton was just 27 years old.

Spc. Ashley Shelton (Courtesy: Ashley Shelton)

The Clinton County Coroner is awaiting additional autopsy results to rule on the cause of death but tells 13 Investigates there is no suspicion and no foul play.

13 Investigates has heard from Shelton's military friends who wanted a place to share their thoughts about their former comrade and friend, so Eyewitness News put this page together as a place to remember Spc. Shelton.

But first, a text message that Shelton sent to 13 Investigates Reporter Sandra Chapman.

A text message Ashley Shelton shared with 13 Investigates' Sandra Chapman (Source: WTHR staff)

Shelton had another wish. Once her quest for information had run its course, she wanted to do a story thanking the medical staff in Afghanistan, for taking care of her and her son during and after his unexpected birth. She mentioned one doctor by name, but made it clear her goal was to thank everyone who showed her kindness.

Shelton was assigned to the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, a Blackhawk helicopter unit. Her goal was to work as a door gunner. (Courtesy: Ashley Shelton)

The backstory:

The 27-year old former soldier was the focus of our series of reports "Born in Combat" which started in November 2017.

Shelton came forward to 13 Investigates to tell her harrowing story of being deployed into combat despite multiple positive pregnancy tests.

Three months after her deployment to Afghanistan, Shelton gave birth to a near full-term baby boy in a latrine. The birth was never reported by mainstream media until 13 Investigates aired its reports. In May 2018, Shelton and 13 Investigates discovered a flight doctor dismissed five (5) positive pregnancy tests and cleared her for deployment. Shelton wanted to know why there were no checks and balances for her and she wanted to make sure her son who is now 6 years old would have the benefits he deserved.

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