Rattlesnake-carrying Florida man claims to be 'agent of God'

A Florida conservation officer secured a rattlesnake that was being carried by a man claiming to be an "agent of God." (Photo: Larry Ellis)

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (WTHR) — Police in Florida had to step in after a homeless man who claimed to be an "agent of God" was found walking around with a large rattlesnake.

Police in Jacksonville Beach say they received calls about the man carrying the 6-to-8-foot-long snake Monday morning. After officers arrived on scene, they told the man to throw the snake inside their police vehicle.

Officers then called in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which removed the snake from the police car and placed it in a safe carrying container. The FWC said it will relocate the snake to its natural environment.

There is no word about why the man was carrying the rattlesnake or if he got injured in the process.

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