Rape victim kills attacker by dragging him into fire

(Source: Maxpixel, maxpixel.net/Blaze-Heat-Fireplace-Flame-Fire-Open-Fire-Burn-2909237)

KOLKATA (WTHR) — An Indian woman who was allegedly raped and set on fire killed her attacker by dragging him into the flames.

The woman survived with burns to her face and hands, while the man died at the hospital, ChannelNewsAsia reported.

The widow, 35, told police that the 42-year-old man attacked and raped her in her home while she was alone. Then she says he poured kerosene on her body and set her on fire.

Both were taken to the hospital. The man died from his injuries Tuesday morning, ChannelNewsAsia reported.

She is still be treated for injuries at the hospital.

India is known for a high record of sexual violence. More than 100 rapes on average were reported each day in 2016, according to ChannelNewsAsia.

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