Purdue student completes 100-mile tribute to Tyler Trent

Aaron Lai ran part of the last stretch of his 100-mile journey from West Lafayette to Bloomington. (Photo: WTHR/Nicole Hernandez)
Walking to Honor Tyler Trent (2)
Walking for Tyler

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) - Day three on the road from Lafayette to Bloomington brought discomfort, but there was no time to rest.

"I'm running a little late," said Aaron Lai, the Purdue University junior walking for Tyler Trent.

Lai picked up the pace through Owen County Tuesday afternoon on his Walk for Tyler Trent. He's honoring the Boilermaker who inspired the Purdue football team and many others during his brave and public battle with cancer.

The walk is raising money for the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment. Lai's GoFundMe.com account has well-surpassed $10,000.

"Really, thank everyone who has donated," Lai said.

Many people have stopped him to say hi or offer a snack. Niki Gessler, Gosport, walked with Aaron for a while today to offer encouragement.

"That guy looks good," Gessler said.

Aaron left Sunday from his Purdue fraternity house, walking the 100 miles to Assembly Hall for Tuesday night's game between the Boilermakers and the Hoosiers.

"I'm just so motivated," he said.

And aided by a switch to running the final six miles, Lai made it to IU's Assembly Hall at 6:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Once in Bloomington, Lai was greeted by Tyler Trent's parents, Tony and Kelly.

Once in Assembly Hall, Lai told Eyewitness News the rush of accomplishing his goal made some of the pain go away.

"I'm feeling really good. Definitely the emotions are really high and it's overpowering the pain I feel in my legs, so I'm doing great right now," Lai said.

His walk raised nearly $19,000 for Tyler Trent's Cancer Research Endowment, about double his original goal.