Purdue grad devises way to keep opened bottles of wine fresh

(Photo: screen grab from YouTube/ArT Wine Preservation)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — A Purdue University graduate who developed a way to keep wine fresh for weeks in opened wine bottles has founded a company to market his product.

Ryan Frederickson graduated from Purdue in 2014 with a chemical engineering degree. He's now the founder of ArT Wine Preservation, a company that sells cans of argon for less than $20.

The company also sells reusable corks and argon for the homebrewer who bottles at home.

The non-flammable gas can keep wine fresh in opened bottles by halting the oxidation process and sealing in flavor and aroma.

Wineries use argon to protect vats of high-quality wine from oxidation before bottling.

Frederickson says his scaled-down system uses a two-second spray to keep the wine fresh. One can is capable of preserving up to 50 bottles of wine.

The website claims ArT will slow the oxidation process of wines by weeks. Drinkers can expect wine to last at least three times as long as it would on its own.

Potential consumers include restaurants, wine-tasting rooms and people who drink wine at home.

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