Puppy finds new home after surviving euthanization

"Rudolph" was adopted after he woke up after being euthanized.

DAVENPORT, Iowa (WTHR) - A rescued puppy is getting a second chance after he survived being euthanized.

Kings Harvest Pet Rescue in Davenport, Iowa said "Rudolph" was at a shelter in Oklahoma that was so full, he was put to sleep.

But then he woke up and the veterinarian chose not to try again.

That's how Rudolph, who is just seven or eight months old, ended up at the no-kill shelter in Iowa. Now, because of his story and because he's so cute, Rudolph found a forever home.

The staff at Kings Harvest said they got a number of wonderful applications to adopt Rudolph, but the pup fell in love with one young man and the feeling was mutual.

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