Puppies rescued from abandoned home, 6 foot well


Six puppies had to be rescued from danger over the weekend, including one that was trapped six feet underground in a well.

It all started with a caring neighbor, who noticed the dogs were in serious trouble and called for help.

"I just can't believe people would just leave, leave a dog," said Todd Gregory, whose family is now fostering the puppies.

But they were alone, at an abandoned house near 25th and Harding Street - all six puppies and their mom.

A worried neighbor was very concerned. He'd tried to feed the puppies he saw, but heard another crying loudly, and couldn't find it.

At first, he called around to shelters and rescue agencies. When he couldn't get anyone out to the home, he called volunteer group FIDO, "Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside".

That's when a rescue mission began.

"It was amazing how it all came together so quickly, you know, because you see this situation and you think, 'Oh my gosh, how are we gonna get them all?'" said FIDO volunteer Darcie Kurtz.

To get the pups, the volunteers first had to lure mom away.

"She was being protective of the pups, so we weren't going to be able to get them without first getting her," Kurtz explained. "So we left kind-of a food trail from over here to the trap and she followed it over."

Then, they were able to grab three puppies in the backyard. The neighbor and a friend went into the abandoned house and found two more, but they still heard that crying.

"We realized that the crying was coming from the well and not the house," Kurtz said. "He was making quite a racket down there."

They believe the puppy had fallen in the well and may have been there for up to a week.

"We could see him, but we couldn't get to him," Kurtz said. "It's probably 6 to 8 feet deep, so there's no way you could reach down there."

They called an officer from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, who used a snare to reach down the well and save him.

"He let the pup walk into it and then he just kind of tightened it around his body and was able to pull him up," Kurtz explained. "It was amazing when the officer pulled him out, he looked pretty good! He was like wagging his tail and jumping around so it was pretty cute."

The volunteers also decided to give that last rescued pup a special name.

"We were going with the Lassie theme, you know 'Timmy in the well', so we named him Timmy," Kurtz said.

Timmy and the rest of the puppies are now doing fine. They are getting fostered by the Gregory family and getting ready for forever homes - all thanks to a concerned neighbor and a team of dedicated volunteers.

"It will be really good to see them go to good homes," Gregory said.

Unfortunately, Kurtz says this type of situation with abandoned animals happens quite often. The problem is made worse by people not spaying or neutering their pets.

FIDO hopes this is a reminder to pet owners about the importance of spay/neuter. The six puppies are now being spayed and neutered and given their vaccinations.

Kurtz says they will be available for adoption at Southside Animal Shelter in a month or two.