Prosecutors will not file charges against woman arrested for 13-year-old's murder

Shantell Taylor
Woman won't face murder charge in shooting death
Woman won't face murder charge

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — When Shantell Taylor appeared in court Tuesday morning, a judge granted prosecutors more time to prepare the case. On Wednesday, the prosecutor's office informed the court they will not file murder charges against Taylor.

Marion County deputies escorted Taylor back to her jail cell where she will likely start the release process. Her attorney, Michael J. Kyle, has said all along that Shantell Taylor was not the shooter. The 33 year old surrendered to police after someone opened fire, killing 13-year-old Harry Taliefer IV.

It happened during a neighborhood disturbance that escalated into gunfire. Harry did not survive being hit twice.

The family offered the following statement after the decision:

“While we are disappointed by today's decision we understand that that due diligence is critical in a situation such as this. We are appealing to the community to help us. Someone knows what happened and we need those who know what transpired to come forward so that Harry will not have died in vain. He deserves this. Every family deserves this. He was only 13 years old and had his entire future in front of him. Those that know what happened still have their future which for our family has been changed forever. "

Eyewitness News talked to Jay Thomas, Harry's uncle, outside the courtroom about this latest development in the case. He and his family wants justice and the correct person held accountable.

“The last thing want is for someone to be charged, and they are not responsible for this. We are sad right now because we still don't have the answer that we need and that Harry deserves," said Jay Thomas, “Please come forward, now is not the time to take sides. There is only one side and that's the side of justice and that's the side of Harry”.

That same court document detailing the decision to not file charges also dismisses the no contact order in the case, which had required that Taylor stay away from the victim’s family.

IMPD considers the case an ongoing active investigation.

Baldwin Kyle & Kamish, the law firm representing Shantell Taylor, issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

“Our client, Shantell Taylor, supports a full investigation and is pleased to know that the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and the police will continue to investigate the shooting and tragic death of Harry Taliefer. Shantell is also aware that she has not been excluded as a suspect simply because of the State’s decision to not file charges against her at this time. We appreciate the professionalism of the Prosecutor’s Office and thank them for being receptive and communicative with our office over these past several days. Our Team will also continue to investigate and work with Shantell hoping that all of the facts of what happened are brought to light.”

Like Harry’s family, the goal for IMPD homicide investigators is to hold accountable the person responsible for the crime.

Anyone with additional information about the shooting can call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS. All calls are confidential, and if your tip leads to an arrest you will receive up to $1,000 in reward money.

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