Prosecutor files murder charge in fight that led to deadly shooting near Drake's

Jean Eyongegbe. (Photo: IMPD)
Drake's Shooting Suspect Appears in Court
Drake's shooting suspect in court

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The man arrested and charged in the deadly shooting outside an East 82nd Street popular bar went to court for the first time Monday afternoon.

Jean Eyongegbe faces one count of murder in the shooting death of 43-year-old Jason Frazier of Fishers. The two got into a disagreement that escalated after being inside Drake’s.

During his initial hearing for the deadly shooting in the parking, the suspect kept dropping his head crying. Eyongegbe, a native of Cameroon, appeared to have a look of disbelief on his face during the hearing.

He barely spoke up to answer the questions from Marion County Superior Court Judge Barbara Crawford.

The court documents about the shooting show what police learned surveillance video and witnesses.

When officers arrived at Drake's, they found Frazier on the ground shot and 23-year-old shooting suspect Jean Eyongegbe still on scene.

Their confrontation reportedly started after they left from inside Drake's where customers play cornhole outside. According to people with Frazier, one of the two men said something about one of the women with Frazier.

During witness interviews, court documents show one of Frazier's friends told investigators Frazier did not see the gun and ran towards Eyongegbe, and Eyongegbe shot Fraziewent back to the SUV and waited for police to arrive.

The shooting suspect's friend who was part of the fight told investigators he heard a 'bam'. Eyongegbe told him he had shot the guy and that they should call 911. They walked back to the SUV, called 911 and waited for the police to arrive.

The next day detectives obtained video from cameras like this one.

The video shows, according to detectives, Eyongegbe who is seen jumping on Frazier's back and punching Frazier in the back of the head.

Detectives also wrote they could see something fall to the ground and then see Frazier also falls to the ground. More video reportedly shows the shooting victim heading toward Eyongegbe.

Then Eyongegbe suddenly shoots Frazier and then you can see he and his friend walking back toward their SUV.

Detectives also questioned Eyongegbe about two unspent rounds found on the ground by crime lab workers. He explained he may have cocked his handgun twice while warning Frazier not to come towards him.

The same court document outlines what witnesses with Frazier told police as far as their account.

In court Monday afternoon, Eyongegbe told Judge Barbara Crawford that his family has hired a private attorney.

After entering a preliminary not guilty plea on his behalf, Crawford set a hearing for a Review of Counsel on July 11, 2019, gave Eyongegbe some other important court dates, had him sign a no contact order for witnesses named in the case and also set a jury trial for September, but that's likely to get pushed back by months if not more than a year.

Right now, Eyongegbe is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail.

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