Property management company reacts to pool confrontation video


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The top person at a local property management company is speaking only with Eyewitness News about a video gone viral about an incident at one of his north side complexes.

The video comes as a shock to the CEO and president Alex Stokely. He runs the company that manages River Crossing Apartments.

Speaking for the first time on the issue, Stokely insists what you see in the video will never happen again.

In part of the video, tenant Shayne Holland is heard telling an off-duty police officer that he lived in the complex.

“I showed you my proof of residency."

The video recorded by Holland has been seen by thousands, many of whom made comments on the video.

The video shows an IMPD officer confronting Holland at the swimming pool at River Crossing. The confrontation grew heated even after Holland showed the officer his pool access key fob.

Stokely said it have never should have happened, especially after one of his employees is seen greeting Holland on the video in front of the officer.

Holland told Eyewitness News he believes the officer targeted him as the only African American at the pool at the time.

“I feel like once the resident was identified by our employee, that conversation should have ended right there," said Stokely.

But it didn't end there, according to the video. Holland's phone recorded the officer snatching his pool access key fob from his hand. What’s worse, you can also hear the property manager, who is now on administrative leave, ask Holland to leave the swimming pool.

Stokely said he immediately launched an investigation into the incident.

The confrontation received massive attention after Holland talked about the incident with BSwift on HOT 96 Radio. The radio station posted the incident on its Facebook page, sparking even more reaction from listeners.

In the video, an onsite office manager is heard telling Holland she has the right to tell any resident they are not welcomed at the swimming pool. She also reportedly indicated she can ask a resident to leave the pool at any time.

Eyewitness News has learned that is not in line with the policies and procedures at River Crossing Apartments. Stokely said his company doesn’t discriminate, nor does it support singling out people at the swimming pool. He purposely hired off-duty police officers as opposed to a security guard company to create a professionally maintained,.safe environment for all residents.

Stokely and Holland eventually had a chance to hear each other’s side in the incident, a heated confrontation at the place Holland has called home for more than a year.

“We spoke yesterday for some time and discussed the incident. I was curious to hear his perspective on things and I shared ours as well and I think we had a good conversation," said Stokely.

The complex replaced Holland's pool access key fobs and that of his family with new ones.

In addition to making things right with Holland, Stokely wants the public's support as they work on making sure everyone who lives in River Crossing feels welcome.

IMPD shared this statement late Thursday afternoon:

We have had positive dialogue with several members of the community who are concerned, and we intend to continue that dialogue for the foreseeable future. The Executive Staff has received preliminary information about the incident."

Holland has filed a formal complaint with the Citizens Complaint Board about the incident. The issue then would be addressed by Metro police.

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