Priest witnesses purse theft in parish hall, catches suspect after foot pursuit

Father Jean Rene Kalombo plans a Sunday sermon telling congregants their pastor will always stand and protect them. (Photo: NBC News)

OWENSBORO, Kentucky (WTHR) - A priest in Kentucky is being credited with catching a suspected purse snatcher.

Father Jean Rene Kalombo says the suspect slipped into the parish hall and stole a woman's purse. He saw happening and started chasing after the suspect.

The priest finally caught up to him about a mile away. Police then arrested Jeffrey Woods.

Father Kalombo is planning to add a special message to this Sunday's Mass.

"Their pastor is going to take care of them no matter what the danger, the problem, or anything that's coming. I'm going to stand and protect them," Kalombo said.

While it worked out in this situation, police don't suggest chasing after a person who appears to be committing a crime.

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