President Trump on possible second wave of COVID: 'We're not closing our country'

President Donald Trump speaks as he tours Ford's Rawsonville Components Plant that has been converted to making personal protection and medical equipment, Thursday, May 21, 2020, in Ypsilanti, Mich. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WTHR) — President Donald Trump toured a Ford factory in Michigan on Thursday that was making ventilators.

During a walk-through of the factory, Trump was asked about a possible second wave from COVID-19 as the country reopens.

“People say that’s a very distinct possibility. It's standard. And we're gonna put out the fires. We're not gonna close the country," the president said.

Trump also made remarks about states that are more rigid in their plans to reopen.

"I don't think the people are gonna stand for it. This is a country that is meant to be open, not closed," he said.

He went on to say that if there is a hotspot somewhere, they will put it out.

Trump ended his remarks by saying, "We're not closing our country."