Preparing your pets for summer

Dog in pool at summer, shallow focus. (Shutterstock / APIWICH PUDSUMRAN)
Boarding your pets
Summer safety for pets
The biggest mistake pet owners make

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — As the weather gets nicer, you’re going to spend more time outside with friends, family and your pets. While your friends and family can simply tell you when they're getting hot and it's time to head inside, your dog doesn't have the vocal ability to be that direct.

Did you know that your dog can develop heat stroke and suffocate if left alone in a hot car for just a few minutes? Were you aware dogs can get sunburns? And maybe this is the summer that you purchase your doggie his own "kiddie pool." According to Tom Hulbert, owner of Camp Bow Wow in Southport, your top five actions to keep your pet safe in the heat are:

  1. Never leave your dog in a hot car;
  2. Keep paws off hot concrete;
  3. Consider a doggie "kiddy pool;"
  4. Remember dogs get sunburns, too, and
  5. Cold water is dog's best friend!

Plus, with hundreds of Hoosiers currently making their summer vacation plans, don't forget to make lodging arrangements for your pets, too. Be sure to vaccinate early, practice crate training, bring familiar items they can have in their crate, don't change their diet, stay calm during the dropoff and say goodbye quickly.

Summer can be "ruff" on your pet. Keep these tips in mind to help make it "purrrr-fect."

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