Preparing your child for school transitions

Students walking in hallway. (Shutterstock / 4 PM production)
Preparing for School Transitions
Preparing for School Transitions
Preparing Kids for Preschool

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – For parents, there are three big educational transitions your kids go through: entering pre-school, going to high school and heading off to college.

Even though the countdown to summer break has started for most students, some of them won't be returning to the same school for the next school year. If kids are switching schools, headed to high school or leaving to go to college, those next few months are a big transition period.

If your kids are getting ready for high school, there's a checklist of activities to follow that you can do with your 8th grader this summer to prepare them for high school both mentally and physically.

  • Take a tour of their new school.
  • Attend orientation.
  • Set goals for the year.
  • Readying your child for their new social environment.

There are also 3 big categories in transitioning in school: Academic, Social and Logistical. Kingergartners, for instance, might have an issue with the academic part. Students new to high school may struggle with the social aspects of fitting in with an older, more mature crowd of juniors and seniors. And new college students have issues with the logistical: "I have to do my own laundry?!"