Potholes may have stopped east side carjackers from getting too far

A series of large potholes stopped a carjacking suspect Sunday.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The city's potholes have claimed plenty of innocent victims this winter.

Sunday, they helped derail a criminal.

"We were just having a lazy day laying in bed watching TV," Taylor Shepard explained of his Sunday morning.

Shepard and his wife got an early morning wake-up call outside their east side home on Drexel Avenue, that neither was expecting.

"It was a loud crunch. Like you can tell metal was being torn," Shepard recalled of the noise he heard.

A second later there was a louder one.

"That was when I heard the really big bang that actually happened here," he said talking about the area behind his house.

When Shepard went outside, he saw a red pick-up truck had smashed into his backyard fence. The truck's doors were open, but no one was inside.

"I actually see the guard rail and the car is sitting there and that's when the individual that owns the truck was out and I got the story from him," said Shepard.

According to Shepard, the truck's owner told him he'd just been carjacked by two men in the parking lot of a nearby Chase Bank on 10th Street.

"He was sleeping in his truck and that's when they came and knocked on the window," Shepard explained.

According to a police report, the suspects threatened the man with weapons before taking his personal belongings and then his truck.

They didn't get far, though, taking off down a nearby alley, only to hit several potholes, lose control and crash, right into a concrete pole and then Shepard's fence.

"Anybody that drives this and tries to go down at a high speed, you're asking for it down this alley," said Shepard of the potholes. "There's a pretty good size pothole that probably made them lose control."

And while drivers have spent this winter dodging and reporting thousands of potholes on the the city's streets, the ones in the alley between Drexel and Bosart Avenues are the reason the suspects, even if they got away on foot, didn't get away with the victim's truck.

"Potholes are the new Batman," said Shepard, laughing.