Potential fire hazards to be aware of during Halloween festivities


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Although it may seem like all fun and games, it's always important to stay safe when participating in Halloween-themed activities.

The National Fire Protection Association provided a list of tips to keep your family safe during the spooky season:

  • Costumes: Avoid fabric that billows or trails behind you and loosely woven fabrics like linen and cotton
  • Decorations: Keep common decorations like cornstalks, crepe paper and dried flowers away from any open flames or heat sources
  • Candles: Remind children of the dangers of open flames, keep candles in a well-attended area out of the path of trick-or-treaters, and extinguish before leaving the area
  • Jack-o-lanterns: Glow sticks or electric candles are the safest choice
  • Visibility: Give children flashlights or glow sticks for lighting, and ensure mask eye holes are large enough for them to see clearly
  • Smoke alarms: Check the batteries to make sure everything works properly
  • Exits: Avoid hanging decorations to block any escape routes

Get more information and safety tips at nfpa.org.

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