Porsche launches short-term rental program in US

Photo: Porsche

ATLANTA (WTHR) — Porsche is giving you a chance to get behind the wheel of a fun and fast sports car.

The luxury car company has introduced a short-term rental option called Porsche Drive. The program, which launched this week in Atlanta, allows customers to rent a wide range of new Porsche models for periods of time from a few hours to a week.

The program comes with a concierge delivery service. After making a reservation, the car is delivered to your requested location.

Prices range from a couple hundred dollars for four hours, up to nearly $3,000 for week, depending on the model you drive.

Another program, called Porsche Host, will allow Porsche owners to share their vehicles with renters. Porsche partnered with Turo, a car-sharing marketplace to offer the service. Participants can book a Porsche through the Turo app, and the car's owner will lend their vehicle to the guests for as little time as a day, or as long as a month or more.

The Porsche Host program will be available in Los Angeles and San Francisco beginning Oct. 8.

There is no indication for when Porsche will extend the programs to other cities, and if so, when that will happen.