Porkchop is on the run and only cameras have caught him so far


KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. (WTHR) - In this sleepy bedroom community, population just over 2,000, known best as the place where they filmed part of the movie "Hoosiers," another star is quickly rising and it's the stuff of small town legends.

This one, though, has four legs and a snout.

"We have the most famous pig around now," said Miki Cole, laughing.

And you heard her right. Cole said "pig", as in potbelly pig. The one her husband brought home more than a week ago as a pet for the kids.

They call him "Porkchop."

"I wasn't too keen on the idea at first," said Cole.

Turns out neither was the family dog, Hank, who chased Porkchop away after just three days together.

"He went through our back field and just took off and went towards the next country road over and nobody could catch him," said Cole.

Her husband chased the pig with a fishing net but couldn't catch him.

"That's kind of been a humorous joke, my husband with a fishing net chasing after the pig," Cole recalled, laughing some more.

She can't help it. Eight days later, this little piggie, hasn't come back home.

Instead, he's been spotted all over town. People have taken pictures to prove it and there are plenty of stories about Porkchop sightings.

"He's been on the golf course, been in housing subdivisions, been at the ballpark," said Knightstown resident Kelly Jones.

The pig's even been sighted at the popular local hangout, Frosty Boy, and once at an elementary school.

"They had nets and they got him corned in a bush at one point and they thought they had him and he just took off right by them," said Cole.

Others have taken video of Porkchop, grazing in a field off of Greensboro Pike, cows alongside.

No one, it seems, can catch him.

"Everyone thinks it's just so easy to catch a pig until they try and he just takes off. He's fast," Cole explained.

"He's a traveling pig," Cole added.

Knightstown residents have been following Porkchop's journey on a Facebook page and Twitter account that someone created for him.

"He's been the talk of the town," said Cole.

Porkchop's the toast of the town too.

"There's a lady that even said she'd give him a bath. He's been offered to attend the FFA banquet if he can be caught. It's tomorrow night," said Jones.

An invitation to a potbellied pig from the FFA.

Don't seem so surprised.

This is Indiana, after all.

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