Poll: White millennials split on whether Trump is racist


WASHINGTON (AP) — A new poll finds white millennials split on whether they think President Donald Trump is racist, while overwhelming percentages of their minority counterparts believe he is.

The GenForward poll released Tuesday shows 51 percent of white millennials believe Trump is racist, while 48 percent don't. Eighty-two percent of African-Americans, 78 percent of Latinos and 74 percent of Asian-Americans say they believe he is racist.

All millennials say racism is one of the top three problems, and agree African-Americans experience the most racial discrimination.

But white millennials are split on whether they think discrimination against whites is as much of a problem as discrimination against minorities. Fifty-one percent said no and 48 percent said yes.

GenForward is a survey of adults 18-to-34 conducted by the University of Chicago.