Police widen their search for Lauren Spierer to Lake Monroe

The missing student's parents continued their search Wednesday.

Bloomington - Eyewitness News has learned that police are now searching Lake Monroe for 20 year old Lauren Spierer.  The Monroe County Sheriff's Department says its dive team is searching at the request of Bloomington Police.

Crews spent hours in the water Wednesday evening and the search will likely resume on Thursday.

As the search went on Wednesday night, there came word of possible new answers in the disappearance of the missing IU student.

A suburban New York newspaper reported that security video police seized from the Smallwood apartments where Lauren lives, may reveal new information about what happened the night she was last seen. The newspaper in Westchester County reported that Lauren's father told them that the surveillance video shows an altercation between the male acquaintance Lauren was with that night and other boys in the building.

But in an interview with the Today Show, Robert Spierer strongly denies the newspaper's story.

In fact, he says he's never even seen the surveillance video.

Investigators believe Lauren's disappearance is a result of foul play.
They're now talking to the acquaintances who saw her last, verifying their stories.

"We're working on the polygraphs now,"  Lt. Bill Parker said in a news conference Wednesday morning.

Eyewitness News has learned Sheriff's department dive teams used boats and sonar to search Lake Monroe Wednesday night, at the request of Bloomington Police. They'll likely be back on the water Thursday.

In the meantime, on one of the hottest days of the year, hundreds of people gathered at Smallwood Apartments, to make sure Lauren's case doesn't go cold.

"It really hits close to home,"  said searcher and IU senior Anna Wendt.

Wendt and other students and community members posting flyers all across Bloomington. Police are using bloodhounds in the area too. People around campus say they're doing anything they can to help.

"I mean there's a million (flyers) up, but we, you just keep hanging, keep hoping that someone remembers something and knows the answer to where she is,"  said Bloomington resident Rebecca Kish.

"I thought if this were my sister or my friend, I would want people to come out to help me to find her," said Indiana University employee Megan Weikel.

IU Men's Basketball coach, Tom Crean, also participated in several searches. Wednesday, he met Robert Spierer for the first time. He called Lauren's father "a rock" for his strength and compassion toward everyone helping in the search.

"As a coach, as a father, as a citizen of this community, I just plead someone comes forth and says something,"  Crean said. "It's about doing the right thing. It's about impacting this search. It's about helping this family"

It's a family scarred by the search, but staying strong. Lauren's father has scrapes and cuts all over his legs from walking through brush and debris searching for his daughter.
The family and the entire community is hoping new leads lead to Lauren.