Police warn parents of apps that could be dangerous for kids


(WTHR) — Police across the country are warning parents of some of the popular apps that could put your kids in danger of predators.

Law enforcement agencies are urging parents to check the apps on their kids' phones, as it's the best way to defend against potential predators, according to NBC affiliate.

The Bulloch County Sheriff's Office in Stateboro, Georgia lists more than a dozen apps that can put kids in danger with possible predators.

Here in central Indiana, the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office is issuing a similar warning with with the apps they most frequently see being used my kids in Indiana.

Some of the expected suspects are on the list, like popular apps Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok. But other lesser known apps are included.

  • Whisper: an anonymous social network that encourages sharing secrets with strangers
  • Ask.fm: a seemingly anonymous app that lets users anonymously ask and answer questions to other users
  • Omegle: promotes video chatting with strangers online

To see the entire list of apps central Indiana parents should know about, click here.

There are some simple steps parents can take to ensure their child's online safety:

  • Approve every app on your kid's phone.
  • Check their privacy settings.
  • Speak with your children about phone use, app use and social media.
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