Police: Teen accused of OWI in cyclist's death tested at four times legal limit

Carla McCloud (left) died of injuries suffered in an August 2011 crash by a drunk driver. Amanda Wheeler was injured.

Police now say a 17-year-old who slammed into the back of two bicyclists Tuesday night was four times the legal limit drunk.

Carla McCloud, 22, died Wednesday from her injuries. Now, prosecutors must decide whether the teen driver will be charged as an adult.

Preliminary tests show the 17-year-old reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .28 percent. 

Thursday morning, that teen was in juvenile court to face five charges, including operating while intoxicated causing both death and injury and reckless homicide.

"It's really been a tough 48 hours in the Hancock County community," said Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

The unnamed juvenile was taken into custody after plowing into the back of McCloud and her cousin, Amanda Wheeler, as they rode bicycles on CR 300 South near New Palestine Tuesday evening. The girls were not wearing helmets, but were wearing bright clothing.  

"Because there's a death involved, that's one of the main reasons we're seeking a waiver," Eaton told Eyewitness News.

In juvenile court Thursday, Eaton filed delinquency charges against the teen, including driving in excess of .08 causing death and serious bodily harm.

"These would be offenses that would be felonies if committed by an adult. The young man is obviously a juvenile, so at this time, we allege OWI causing death, OWI causing serious bodily injury, as well as a potential count of reckless homicide," explained Eaton.

The prosecutor says right now he's gathering information to possibly file a waiver petitioning the court to move the 17-year old to adult court next week.

In the meantime, friends of Carla McCloud and Amanda Wheeler have set up a GoFundMe site to help raise $10,000 to help cover McCloud's funeral expenses and Wheeler's continuing medical expenses.

The 17-year-old is expected back in court on August 19.