Police take "Vacuum Bandit" into custody


Avon Police say they've arrested a theft suspect they call the Vacuum Bandit.

Thursday night, police arrested 37-yearoold Jason P. Shinkle. Police say Shinkle has been stealing vacuum's from area stores, including the Target in Avon, and selling them on E-Bay.

Investigators say Shinkle was caught on surveillance camera putting Dyson Vacuums in a shopping cart and then pushing the cart out like he's bought the vacuum.

The video also shows a get away vehicle.

So far, Shinkle is charged with two counts of felony theft, but Avon police say he could be charged with more if he's connected to other thefts where a suspect stole vacuum cleaners.

UPDATE: Shinkle entered a plea agreement and the charge was downgraded to a misdemeanor in January 2015. The deal was for 532 days of probation, court costs and fees, plus a $1100 judgment for Target.