Police: Suspect hid counterfeit $100s in his anus, then in his mouth

Elvis Balbuena (Photo: Luzerne County Correctional Facility via Times Leader)

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WTHR) - A New York man found an interesting - and, frankly, disgusting - way of hiding counterfeit bills in a Pennsylvania jail.

Police in northeastern Pennsylvania stopped 20-year-old Elvis Balbuena of Brooklyn, N.Y. and 19-year-old Imar Pena of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. after a report that two men whose descriptions matched their appearance tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at a local store.

According to the Times Leader, the men left the Sheetz store after a clerk wrote "FAKE" on a $100 bill. Officers then found three counterfeit $100 bills in Balbuena's backpack during a search.

After taking the men to jail, a strip search revealed four more fake $100s hidden in Balbuena's anus. The suspect refused to take the bills out, allegedly telling police it would hurt too much.

Officers put Balbuena in a holding cell awaiting transport to a hospital to remove the bills when video showed him reportedly taking them out of his backside, then putting the in his mouth. When he heard police walking toward the holding cell, he allegedly stashed the counterfeit bills in his pants.

Police retrieved the bills from his pants and a U.S. Secret Service agent determined all seven bills were counterfeit and had the same serial number.

Both men face several charges related to the counterfeit investigation.

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