Police: Social media apps played role in sexual assaults

Rapes investigated in Bloomington
3 rapes investigated in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) - Social media dating apps have played a role in two of three sexual assaults that occurred in Bloomington over a five-day period.

Three rapes that occurred within a five-day period are keeping investigators at Indiana University and Bloomington Police Departments busy.

The first incident occurred October 13th at a party in Bloomington.

The second, October 15th in an on campus residence along the 300 block of North Park Avenue.

And the third occurred October 18th at a downtown parking garage.

The two city incidents had something else in common.

Social Media dating apps.

The October 13th incident started when the 18-year-old woman met a man on Tinder.

"They had been communicating on social media apps since the summer. Getting to know each other that way. Being invited to the party and then at some point that night is when the sexual assault occurred at the party," Lt. John Kovach said.

The October 18th assault started when a woman said she met a man on Whisper.

"Second one they met at a downtown local bar and at some point they got into a vehicle and were driving around and the victim was sexually assaulted at some point during the evening in a local parking garage," Lt Kovach explained.

Police are currently combing through surveillance cameras from the area which brings up some important points about modern technology.

"When you deal with the social media it's difficult to know who you are dealing with on the other end of the computer so to speak until you get to know them. Make sure you are meeting there in a place where you feel safe so if it's not going well you can get ahold of someone to rescue you so to speak," Lt Kovach noted.

So far no arrests have been made in any of these incidents.

The investigations into all three are continuing.

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