Police set up roadblock to aid missing student search


BLOOMINGTON - An unannounced roadblock was manned by Bloomington police early Friday morning.  Police stopped all traffic traveling through the intersection of College and 10th Streets during the early morning hours, the same time period when Lauren Spierer disappeared a week ago.

Officers handed out flyers containing Lauren's photo and asked each driver their whereabouts on the morning of June 3. They also asked the drivers who travel through the intersection on a daily basis whether they had noticed anything out of the ordinary last Friday morning.

In the meantime, as searchers canvassed Bloomington again Thursday night in the Lauren Spierer disappearance, Eyewitness News caught up with childhood friends of the Indiana University student.  They just flew in from out of town to find information, help with the search, and hope for a break in the case.

"It's just absolutely frightening to me," said Becca Leskowitz, Lauren's friend.  "Anything that's moving forward is something because someone knows something. She didn't just disappear into thin air. She's somewhere."

Potential new leads are going out from Smallwood Plaza, where Lauren lives.  The apartments require key cards for entry.   That security data could be key for Bloomington police.

"We have more than 4,000 key swipes in the 48 hours surrounding her disappearance," said Smallwood spokesperson Ernie Reno.  Reno says they offered that information to police right away, as soon as Lauren was reported missing, but didn't get a response.

Now, after reaching out to investigators again Thursday, police say they want the data.  Smallwood plans to deliver that information to police Friday morning. 

"It's one more piece to the puzzle, and whether or not Lauren had her card at that time, we don't know, but perhaps someone else did that may have been with her or whatever, and we can track it that way, so we're hopeful that something will be found,"  Reno said.

Police are also poring over surveillance video from Smallwood, a portion of which captured a fight involving Corey Rossman.  He was among the last to see Lauren and is considered a person of interest by police.  His attorney says Rossman was punched at the apartments the night of the disappearance and that Lauren was with him. 

"When he woke up the next morning, his jaw was considerably sore.  Bruises on his face.  His clock got cleaned,"  said attorney Carl Salzmann.  Police say Lauren wasn't involved in the altercation.

Carl Salzmann says his client is being fully cooperative with police.  It's still not clear if the fight had anything to do with Lauren Spierer's disappearance.

One person who's especially affected by all of this:  Jesse Wolff, Lauren's boyfriend of two years.  Her friends say Wolff is very upset by the disappearance. In fact, on twitter, he posted messages saying, "I love her", and "bring the love of my life back".

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