Police searching for suspects in Avon gun store smash-and-grab

Avon police are searching for suspects in a gun shop robbery. (Avon Police Dept)

AVON, Ind. (WTHR) — Security camera's captured two men breaking into an Avon gun store. Police hope the videos help them arrest the pair.

Fortunately, the smash-and-grab ended badly for the men. The guns the men were after were out of their reach.

Early Thursday morning the pair of thieves ran through Fort Liberty Firearms, smashing a display case and getting away with a few knives. The hundreds of guns they came after were locked away in gun safes, like they are every night said Co-owner Doug Hunter.

"It helps us sleep at night." Hunter said.

The extra security is a relief to investigators .

"If those were out on the street Lord knows where the weapons would be found." Avon Police Chief Brian Nugent said.

In the video, the men look brazen and in no hurry. One took his time, casually checking out the store, walking away, coming back, looking through the windows, not once but several times.

The sirens of police rushing to a distant emergency didn't scare him off. He walked from the store; he walked out to the highway and watched the police cars go by.

Almost 9 minutes after arriving, the pair smashed open the front door with a large hammer. Despite a blaring break in alarm and flashing lights they ran inside looking for guns.

"We are operating under the assumption these individuals are dangerous." Nugent explained "These individuals are engaged in this activity on a somewhat regular basis and that's why people need to reach out and help us get these guys identified."

Ten years ago thieves drove an SUV through the store front doors. The new owners have improved security.

The entry way is well-lit. There are numerous video security cameras. Concrete-filled steel posts should stop anyone trying to crash in and store owners follow federal safety recommendations and lock their guns away.

"It is a lot of work." Hunter said. "It takes two to three people several hours a day to process."

A process that kept deadly weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Avon police ask anyone with information call Crime Stoppers 317-262-TIPS.

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