Police search for impersonator who pulled over woman in northern Indiana

A sketch of a man accused of impersonating a police officer. (Photo: Indiana State Police)

LOWELL, Ind. (WTHR) — Indiana State Police and the Portage Police Department are looking for a man who may be impersonating a police officer.

Two women reported being pulled over by someone they didn't believe was an officer.

However, police have confirmed that an officer was involved in one of those incidents.

On Friday afternoon, Indiana State Police confirmed that one of the stops was in fact, done by an officer in the Lake County Sheriff's Department. That stop happened on July 8 on Interstate 65 south at the Crown Point Exit.

A woman said she got pulled over just before 10 p.m. by a black or dark blue Ford Crown Victoria with read and blue lights inside the windshield. The officer saw the report and confirmed it was he who made the traffic stop.

The second incident happened July 17 in Portage, Indiana. That woman described the same car as the initial report. However, that same Lake County officer stressed that he was not involved in that incident.

Her description of the man also matched the first woman's description and sketch created by Indiana State Police — older white man with short gray hair and a mustache.

Anyone with information on either of the traffic stops, or if the sketch looks familiar, call Detective Brian McCall with ISP at 219-690-0083.