Police release photos of suspect in sandwich shop robbery

(Photos provided by IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It wasn't the kind of New Year's Eve they were expecting at a far-west side sandwich shop.

Police say a man entered a W. 38th St. Jersey Mike's restaurant at about 3:30 Sunday afternoon and ordered a drink. Surveillance cameras got good pictures of him.

"It's a pretty good picture, it's clear," said store manager Riley McCaughey.

That's a good thing, considering what happened next.

"He was being checked out for a drink and then push came to shove," said McCaughey.

Shove, quite literally. Police say when the cash register opened, the customer came around the counter, pushed the cashier out of the way and started grabbing money. Another employee tried to stop him.

Surveillance cameras captured it all, including when the man hit the employee who was trying to stop him.

"He got a mark under his eye, a black eye," said McCaughey. "He's a very dedicated employee."

Police say the suspect ran from the store and went west with the money.

Employees are hoping the photos will lead to the man's arrest.

"Let's hope that's he caught quickly and this sort of thing doesn't happen again," said McCaughey.

If you have any information, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana would like to hear from you at (317) 262-TIPS.

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