Police officers have fun with "National Doughnut Day"


Several local police departments embraced the old adage about cops and donuts to celebrate "National Doughnut Day" Friday.

Police in Chesterfield took to Facebook to recognize "one of our national holidays for police officers."

Conservation officers like their doughnuts, as well, reminding Hoosiers, "don't forget your life preserver while enjoying our waterways."

Indiana State Police Sgt. Michael Wood made sure his colleagues took part in the "holiday" and made sure everyone arrived safely to the state police academy: 

Fellow Trooper Sgt. John Perrine took his role in National Doughnut Day seriously, helping judge dozens of doughnuts on Monument Circle for WIBC Radio:

And don't think firefighters were going to let a chance to poke some fun at their brothers in blue. The Noblesville Fire Department went all meme on the city's police officers on their Facebook page, as well.

Don't worry, officers, it's a holiday for the rest of us, too.