Police officer raises awareness with virus helmet

Officer Rajesh Babu (R) informs commuters about India's 21-day nationwide lockdown for COVID-19. (Courtesy RTV)

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, India (WTHR) - A police officer in India is raising awareness about the country's lockdown by wearing a special helmet depicting the coronavirus.

Wearing the coronavirus-shaped helmet, Officer Rajesh Babu informed commuters about the 21-day nationwide lockdown.

He requested that residents stay home to limit the spread of the deadly contagion.

The officer said he wanted to bring awareness instead of scolding or using force to implement the lockdown.

"What we thought was rather than harming or scolding and all that, so let's do it in a better way so that that get into their mind,” he said. “So we designed this particular helmet which looked like coronavirus and me walking towards them, people have fear and asking what is it?"

Heading into the weekend, Indiana had reported 873 positive coronavirus cases and 19 deaths.