Police officer buys new car seats for twins after mom stopped for improper restraint


ALBANY, Ga. (WTHR) — A mom and her two kids have a whole new view on police officers after getting pulled over in Albany, Georgia Friday night.

The Savannah Police Department posted about the incident on its Facebook page. A woman got pull over because she did not have a license plate on her car and the 1-year-old twins inside were not properly restrained.

When officers were inspecting the car seats, they discovered they didn't have harnesses. The 21-year-old mom told police she recently had her car stolen, which is why she didn't yet have plates on the car she was driving.

Two officers decided to do some good instead of making the woman's streak of bad luck worse. One officer went to buy two new car seats, while the other stayed and kept the kids entertained.

By the time the officer returned with the car seats, the officer who stayed behind had made new friends with the kids. He is a dad-to-be himself, and his wife said she "can't wait to see how he is with our daughter."

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