Police: Medics called to treat 3 men who overdosed almost simultaneously

(Photo: NBC News)

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WTHR) — It's a peek into the ever-growing chaos in the life of a first responder, keeping up with an epidemic of overdoses.

Video shows police and medics treating three people who fell almost simultaneously at a central Florida gas station, suspected to all be suffering from fentanyl overdose.

"I have three people who are apparently they seem to be passed out drunk, not waking up in my parking lot, two of them are on the ground," said a caller to 911.

"You're smacking at him, you're screaming, you're shaking stuff around, and they're not doing anything," said Seminole County Sheriff's Deputy Caitlin Henry. "They're completely unresponsive. Turning blue, the color leaving their faces. It's scary."

Multiple doses of an overdose-reversal drug were required to bring the trio to consciousness, according to a report. They were taken to an area hospital, and all are expected to recover.

Police wore protective gear when they searched the vehicle from which the three men had emerged.

"There were two people standing by to take care of me, if something were to happen," said Henry.

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