Police may have new leads in the disappearance of Lauren Spierer

Searchers were asked to look for items like jewelry Sunday.

MONROE COUNTY - There are new developments to report in the disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer. Bloomington Police say they have video of an alley on the night she vanished.

Bloomington Police Captain Joe Qualters said, "I'm not going to get into specifics about what we have seen at this point. We have talked about the video we have received and we are not going to release it or talk about it."

The video could contain a key to unlock the mystery of what and where Lauren Spierer was doing in the hours before she disappeared. As we know it right now, at 2:30 am June 3rd she and a friend left Kilroy's Bar and walked about a block and a half to the Smallwood Apartment building where she lives.

Spierer was last seen on surveillance around 4:30am three blocks from her building.

She has been missing since June 3rd and hundreds of volunteers have been showing up to search for her in Bloomington. Sunday, the Indiana State Police helicopter took part in the search.

Police have asked the volunteers to start looking down and to go through the grass and the dirt . So far, searchers have turned up a woman's bra and part of a cell phone. Police have taken both.

The search for her has turned up little. In an interview with NBC Sunday afternoon, her parents say they are still hoping for the best but preparing otherwise.

"I think we expect to find her and we hope she is okay when we find her." said her father, Robert Spierer. "I have thought about that moment but right now I can't say I'm considering she will just pop up."

Beginning Monday morning, a professional search group from Texas will start work. The search schedule has been altered to just two a day. You can see more of the interview with Lauren Spierer's parents on the Today show.