Police looking for two robbers that shot gas station employee

Image of two suspects inside a convenience store where one employee was shot. (Photo provided)
Gas station clerk shot
Search for gas station shooting suspects

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Police are looking for two robbers who shot a convenience store clerk early Monday morning at the corner of south Post Road and Brookville Road.

The two robbers were caught on camera but got away.

A dozen years ago, the owner of the store said he spent about $14,000 on bullet proof glass. That decision probably saved the employee’s life.

In the video, the employee is struggling to close and lock a bullet proof door against an armed robber who had already shot him once.

Hours later another cashier, Harry Singh, was working behind the counter and that protective glass.

At 5:30 in the morning, the video shows the two robbers walking up to the store’s front door. The sole employee was outside sweeping up. He went inside, the pair not far behind.

Cameras in the store show the employee glancing over his shoulder and walking faster toward a so called “safety cage” of bullet proof glass.

He was shot once in the shoulder while getting to the door and then fought to close and lock it as the armed robber tried to shove it open.

If not for the bullet proof glass, Singh said “he would be dead. Yes.”

For years, Indiana lawmakers fought to make convenience stores safer places to work.

Minimum recommendations included security cameras and better lighting and visibility.

More controversial and costly requirements included having at least two workers on duty and a bullet proof safety cage to protect them.

The proposals all died at the Indiana State House.

The robbers ran away and disappeared into the darkness.

Monday afternoon the injured employee was in the hospital and according to his boss, he could be sent home as early as Tuesday.

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