Police K9 to retire following partner's death

Tyler Carter

(WCMH) The K9 partner of an Ohio police officer that was shot and killed this past Saturday will be retired.

Sam, Officer Eric Joering's K9 partner, will retire from the Westerville Division of Police and will have the option of living with Joering's wife and children, according to the Fraternal Order of Police.

At the next Westerville City Council meeting, Sam will officially be offered to Joering's family. According to the FOP, the family is expected to say yes.

Sam was in the back of the cruiser Saturday when Officer Eric Joering and Officer Anthony Morelli were shot and killed.

Sam's original trainer, Mike Pennington, got him from the shooting scene that day. He says Sam was scared and shaken up.

Pennington says Sam is hurting, but despite his pain, he has traded in his K9 badge for the title of therapy dog, bringing comfort to Officer Joering's children.

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