Police issue warning to parents about vaping teens

The Juul e-cigarette doesn't look much different than a small computer device.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - Local law enforcement is issuing a warning to parents over a rise in vaping pens in the possession of minors.

Officials in Hamilton County say they are especially concerned about a new vaping device they are seeing, Juul.

It looks almost like a small computer device and it is easily concealable.

"They are not much bigger than an actual cigarette, they are easily accessible, they are easy for kids to get a hold of," said Brad Osswald of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. "Basically you get on the internet and you can order them as a kit."

Osswald is assigned as a school resource officer at Hamilton Heights High School, where he says several have been confiscated. He says parents need to be aware.

"Start looking, start asking, start checking social media because a lot of kids are putting this on social media on Snapchat and Facebook or their personal accounts. Again, this contains quite a bit of nicotine where the students and juveniles don't think it does," said Osswald.

A number of other agencies are also seeing instances. Carmel Police issued 14 citations to minors in possession of e-cigarettes in 2017.

Minors caught with vaping devices are subject to a citation and fine.