Police investigate Indianapolis northwest side gun store burglary


Metro police are investigating a burglary at a northwest side gun store.

Investigators say 500 Guns at 3602 West 16th Street was broken into around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Over two-dozen hand guns were taken in what police are calling a classic smash and grab.

It's believed that the suspects hooked up a chain or some other contraption to the metal grating and ripped it off the wall of the building. They then broke the window, and - according to police - a child or woman got through the grating on the other side and grabbed the guns.

The business has a number of surveillance cameras outside the property. Police are checking to see if they recorded anything.

The fact that only handguns were taken has police very concerned.

"They're extremely valuable, especially for criminals who can't get guns legally. That's of grave concern for the community," said Christopher Bailey, Indianapolis Metro Police Department. "It's of grave concern for the police department when we're making traffic stops; you don't know who has a gun. We don't want guns in the hands of our children and we definitely don't want guns in the hands of people who aren't allowed to possess them."

The gun shop is federally licensed, which means they have all the serial numbers and other identifying information for the weapons.

A detective went across the street from the gun store to a pawn shop as part of the investigation. Contractors are working on fixing the damage to the store.