Police: Groom robbed bank to pay for ring, wedding venue

Police say Heath Bumpous admitted he robbed a bank so he could afford his upcoming wedding. (Photo: Trinity Co. Sheriff Texas)

GROVETON, Texas (WTHR) - A groom-to-be in Texas was caught on camera, allegedly robbing a bank on the weekend of his wedding.

Reports say it was his fiancee who convinced him to turn himself in.

Heath Bumpous, Crockett, was supposed to get married Saturday.

His fiancee said she saw surveillance video stills of her husband-to-be robbing the bank, part of a police Facebook post.

The sheriff says the man told him last week he was getting married but didn't have enough money for a ring or the wedding venue rent, so he walked into a bank and demanded cash.

After the robbery, police say he turned himself in. Most of the money was recovered.

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