Police find 57 pigeons at I-65 rest park


WHITE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - Indiana State police recovered 57 pigeons from a dumpster at a Northern Indiana rest park last month.

Police say the pigeons most likely came from an illegal pigeon gambling race where the wings are clipped and pigeons are forced to race around a track.

Police found the birds packaged in cardboard produce boxes.

A wildlife rehab center in Pulaski County took the pigeons for rehabilitation.

As a result of injuries and malnutrition, five of the pigeons were deceased at the scene and an additional two have since died.

The remaining 50 pigeons are recovering and will be available for adoption as they regain their health in the upcoming weeks.

For adoption information, please contact "A Critters Chance" in Indianapolis at (765 )430-5610.

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