Police confirm bodies of missing Indianapolis couple found in Madison County

The bodies of Heaven Henderson and Jeremy Danowski were found near Lapel Thursday. (Photo provided)

LAPEL, Ind. (WTHR) - It's a tragic ending to the month-long search for a missing Indianapolis couple.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department says the boyfriend and girlfriend who vanished back in December have been found dead in a Madison County field.

A man on a snowmobile found the couple about a mile-and-a-half away from their car that was abandoned in a park in Lapel last month.

A 911 dispatcher got the call around 4:15 Thursday afternoon that brought them to a rural area south of County Road 200 South between 825 West and 700 West. The caller indicated he had found what appeared to be a body along the fence row approximately 250 yards south of County Road 200 South.

Deputies arrived to find the bodies of Heaven Henderson and Jeremy Danowski partially covered by the snow, in an embrace, say investigators.

According to police, there was a handgun found near the bodies, along with two spent shell casings. The handgun found near the bodies has been identified as the one purchased by the couple just days prior to them being reported missing.

"There's video to show at the gun shop in Indianapolis, there was video to show that they were on the premises together when the gun was purchased," explained Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger.

The sheriff says there's no indication at this point that any other person might have been involved in the couple's deaths.

Jeremy's dad reported them missing on December 18. Their car was found the day before in Lapel's Woodward Park.

Over several weeks, law enforcement, volunteers, family members and other first responders searched near that area, with no success.

Their families learned the devastating news that they'd been found dead Thursday night.

It was just two days ago, Heaven's mother Rene Ruiz says she dreamt about her daughter.

"She looked so beautiful and lovely still. I still had so much hope that she was still alive," said Ruiz, crying. "I was just holding onto that hope, but as soon as they said they found two people, my heart sunk and I knew it was her."

"The question in these cases every time comes down to 'Why?' and I don't think anyone can make an accurate guess on what was going on in one or both of these two young person's minds," said Sheriff Mellinger.

The couple lived together in Indianapolis. Ruiz says they'd been together since her daughter was in the ninth grade, but said Heaven was planning to leave Jeremy and move to Anderson.

"My daughter tells me everything," Ruiz said, explaining Jeremy knew Heaven wanted out and wasn't happy about it.

"He told me if he can't have her, nobody can have her," Ruiz said.

"I hope they do their best to bring every single thing to light because she deserves it," said Ruiz, who still has so many unanswered questions.

For now, she clings to the last words Heaven said to her in a text message sent the day before she disappeared.

"It said, 'Mom, I love you and I want to spend time with you. I'm gonna clear my schedule so I can come and see you real soon'," Ruiz recalled, crying.

Even though a gun and shell casings were found near the couple, investigators are not prepared to say yet how they died. Autopsies will tell them that for sure.

According to investigators, the couple could have been in the field since the time they were reported missing.

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