Police catch would-be carjacker because he couldn't drive stick shift

Jaylen Alexander, 25 (Orange County Sheriff's Office)

ORLANDO (WTHR) — An elderly Florida man nearly had his car stolen Tuesday when another man tried to take it from an auto shop.

Raymond Lipinksi said he was trying to put his walker in the trunk of his car when 25-year-old Jaylen Alexander tried to carjack him.

"(He) jumps in the car's driver's seat, closes the door, locks the door, and attempts to drive away," Lipinksi told WESH. There's special emphasis on "attempts," as Lipinksi said he believes Alexander wasn't successful because his car has a manual transmission.

"He can't drive a stick," Lipinksi said. "He kept stalling my car. Starting it, stalling it, starting it, stalling it...obviously he got nowhere."

Alexander eventually got out and went to steal another car from a nearby doctor's office. He led police on a chase across town, but police caught up to him and arrested him.

Alexander is now facing charges for carjacking, battery on a victim over 65, grand theft and fleeing police.

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