Police break up high-end prostitution ring at Indianapolis hotel

Anzhelika Rampone and Veronika LeBlanc are allegedly behind the high-end prostitution ring.

Undercover police detectives revealed a high-end call girl sting Wednesday.

According to police, the women involved met their clients at exclusive hotels in one of the most popular places in the city.

The bust happened at the Sheraton hotel at Keystone at the Crossing Tuesday night. Cyber crimes detectives are currently poring over cell phones, computers and records found at the homes of one of the prostitutes.

If investigators find a roster of regular clients, more arrests could follow.

"The price of admission was high, so if you can't get in the door, then you're not going to see them," said an undercover IMPD detective who was part of busting the prostitution ring.

The going rate, according to investigators, was $550 for one hour and $800 for two.

That's how much the detective said it cost to get in the door at the Sheraton at Keystone at the Crossing to meet 23-year-old Veronika LeBlanc, who he knew to go by the name "Maria."

"Certainly, the money involved was higher than normally what we would see," explained the detective, who said his meeting for sex with LeBlanc was arranged online with 29-year-old Anzhelika Rampone, who detectives consider the alleged madame of the ring.

"It did appear that there were other women that she worked with who worked for her, but we have not been able to confirm all their identities," said the detective of Rampone.

Rampone has been charged with promoting prostitution and there is a warrant out of her arrest. She was last known to live in California.

LeBlanc was arrested for prostitution at the meeting. She later posted bail of $300.

Connections between clients and LeBlanc were made, according to investigators, by an underground word of mouth system.

"There was some anonymity that was valued there and people were obviously willing to pay for it," said the detective. "People who had the means, the financial means to, as well as, were connected to, some ways where people discuss prostitutes who are active in the area."

According to investigators, when they later searched LeBlanc's apartment, they found computers, phones, and thousands of dollars in cash.

"There could be appointment books, there could be records with peoples names," said the detective.

A different search at a bank turned up a safety deposit box with more than $40,000 in cash and 20 pieces of valuable jewelry belonging to LeBlanc, according to police.

A second search at another bank, according to police, found Rampone had $200,000 in cash.