#Pokemonument remains a mystery in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS (NBC News) - Amid the craze over the virtual Pokemon go game, a Pokemon that people can physically touch has appeared in New Orleans.

The statue of the iconic character Pikachu was placed at the center of a broken water fountain in the city's Lower Garden District over the weekend.

Pokemon fans have come from all over to see the statue, but where the statue itself came from remains a mystery.

It's not unusual to find random stuff sitting on the Lower District Garden park benches.

But what is unusual is a life-sized Pikachu.

Jason Twason drove from the West Bank to see it with his own eyes.

"I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, but you know, the game has gotten me active," he said. "It's like a turf war."

ThePokemon app known for getting people out and about now has a statue bringing people together.

But, who put it there remains a mystery.

"It must be some Wylie Street artist or something," Twason said.

The well-crafted Pokemon sits in a non-working fountain located on Terpsichore near Prytania It's hollow, more than 5 feet tall, and seems to be made from fiberglass.

"But it looks so real," Twason said.

The artist hashtagged the statue #pokemonument.

New Orleans police say they don't know who or where the statue came from, but they haven't received any complaints and have no plans to remove it.